Debayan Sarkar


1. Visible Light Assisted Oxidation at Benzylic Position of Homologated Ynones with Aerobic Oxygen, Leading to Diketone Synthesis- Ankush Kumar ( 2020-21)

2. Synthetic Attempts with Tribromides towards Dearomatisation Sayan Halder ( 2018-2020)

3. Towards the sysnthesis of Tocopherol Kunika Gupta( 2018-2020)

4. Gold(l)-Catalyzed Atom-Economic Synthesis of 2-Substituted indole via 5-endo-dig Cyclization- Ms. Moni Singh

5. Synthesis of 1-ethylpyridine tribromide; Utilization in Spirofurano Naphthalone Synthesis : Footsteps towards Asymmetric Synthesis- Mr. Devasish Sood

6. Halo-azido Ketones : Synthesis, Applications and Activity Ms. Prithwa Das

7. Asymmetric Synthesis of Tocopherol and Tocotrienol family employing C-2 methylation of 2-carboxy-4- Chromanones- 2017-18- Mr. Sudeep Sarkar, Presently Ph.D fellowship University of Warsaw Poland

8. Asymmetric Synthesis of Tocopherol (Vitamin-E) Employing C-2 Methylation of 2-Carboxy-4-Chromanones2017-18-Mr. Subhradip Kundu, Presently Ph.D fellowship University of Strosbourg, France

9. Approach towards the Synthesis of Biologically Active Chromone Systems-2016-17- Mr. Chandak Adhikari

10. Synthetic Efforts towards Medicinally Important Aryl Naphthofurans and Benzofurans Mediated by Quaternary Ammonium Salt- 2016-17- Mr. Suchit Gupta

11. Trials towards functionalising ?-ketols 2014-16- Miss. Samapika Mishra

12. Concise synthesis of Napthoquinones- 2014-16- Miss. V. Chandurani

13. Facile Hyvervalent Iodine mediated Oxidative dearomatization of Naphthols- 2012-2014- Mr. Sushree Ranjan Sahoo.

14. Attempts towards total synthesis of spiroliganones (2013-2015)- Mr. Punabasu Bhattacharya.

15. Efforts towards alkyne insertion reactions via Oxidative Dearomatisation ( 2013-2015) Mr. Rahul Kumar


Abhishek Bissoyi 
Present Status: BS-MS, IISER Behrampur

Swetarani Patel 
Present Status: M.Sc - SG Womens College, Rourkela

Sandhya Rani Padhy (2019) 
Present Status: M.Sc - SG Womens College, Rourkela

Soham Ghosh (2019) 
Present Status: M.Sc - BHU

Puja Kumari (2019) 
Present Status: M.Sc - BIT Mesra

Anindita Mukherjee (2019) 
Present Status: M.Sc - BIT Mesra

Sudeep Sarkar ( 2016-18) 
Present Status: Ph.D at University of Warsaw, Poland 2018

Subhradip Kundu ( 2016-18) 
Present Status: MS-Ph.D at University of Strosbourg, France

B. Sharmistha (2018) 
Present Status: M.Sc at IISER Kolkata

Ananya Mishra (2018) 
Present Status: Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubhaneswar

Rajat Kumar Singh (2017) 
Present Status: IISER Trivandrum

Suchit Gupta ( 2016-17) 
Present Status: Assistant Professor, FIIT JEE

Chandak Adhikari ( 2015-17)
Present Status:----

Shubhajit Basak ( May- July 2017)
Present Status: M.Sc Student at NBU

Diptangshu Hardikar ( May-June 2017)
Present Status: M.Sc Student at Central University, Bilaspur

V.Chandurani (2015-16)
Present Status:---

Samapika Mishra (2015-16)
Present Status:

Punarbasu Bhattacharya - (2014-15)
Present Status: Scientific Officer @ Power Grid Corporation

Rahul Kumar- (2013-15)
Present Status: Faculty @ Akash Institute, Delhi

Sarasija Das - (2014)
Present Status: Ph.D student @ IISER, Kolkata

Devjanee Bardhan - (2014) 
Present Status: Ph.D student @IIT, Madras

Sarbeswar Sethi - (2014-15)
Present Status: ---

Sujata Mahapatra- (2013-14)
Present Status: Ph.D student@ Novozymes, Denmark

Prajna Moharana- (2013-14)
Present Status: ----